Thursday, September 25, 2008

First day of classes

I'm pooped, but happy. Students in both classes (Art in a Time of War and Eco-art) seem very open and engaged. I'm grateful for that. Found out that the reason for my exhaustion is more straightforward or mechanical than I imagined. Finishing the book, my abscessed tooth, the antibiotics have all been contributing factors, and I just found out today that my body has not be assimilating the thyroxine I've been taking, so that's the major contributing factor in the low energy department. I wonder what the long term effects of being this hypo-thyroid might be. Hopefully switching to another form of the supplement will make the difference. I am hopeful.

Despite my fatigue, I attended a great seminar with our local herbalist tonight and learned oodles about inflammatory foods and how to balance out Omega 6 with Omega 3 fatty acids. She also did a chapter on GM foods - something I know quite a bit about, but I can never cease to be concerned about the way they've crept into the American diet and the ramifications of that fact. What's also concerning is that most of my friends and family eat in such a way that they are making themselves sick with each bite. Truly disturbing. I'll write more about this when I am less tired.

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