Sunday, October 19, 2008

why I can't blog right now

The marathon started a month ago - the school year. It is difficult enough to focus on my work during this time, but it has also been hard to see much beyond the political, economic, emotional moment that we as a nation, and we as the world are swimming in (and some are sinking in). I have been reading voraciously, blog after blog, news item after news item, youtube parodies, interviews, excerpts and exposes - it has been a whirlwind.....and what has emerged? Not much that I want to write here. I am overwhelmed, at least periodically, and other times I am thrilled to be on my surfboard, tied to it, as I get buffeted by one wave of powerful events after another.

I'll write more when I can feel the space for it I have to work on a sabbatical proposal, two course proposals, and a piece about peace. I think the latter will be called "how to talk to a lynch mob." Ay-yay-yay.

I also have to give up four hours of my day to be in the confusion of a friend's fashion show - she asked me to be a model, and I said yes (foolishly). I guess we all need frivolous moments in this time...

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