Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ready to Roll

So the manuscript is cooking with the various chefs, and I expect that it will need lots of stirring - just like compost needs it. I am still living inside the book, and rewriting bits and pieces of its 340+ pages (107,598 words), but need to take a break and organize the physical pieces of this life. Much has gotten out of whack, and it has been a relief to just straighten out chaotic closets. Hey, when the modern world is collapsing from the heinous crimes of the corrupt, what better thing is there to do than clean out a closet? In any case (why oh why do I always use that expression - it must be cultural), inanycase (better as one word, no?), we are getting ready to leave on a big journey. Off we will go to the land of my grandparents, and various ancestors - I really don't know how far back...perhaps to the inquisition days??? We are going to Romania next week to celebrate my mom's birthday - her 90th and will celebrate it floating down the Danube....I am so happy that she chose to do this rather than some dreary party. Mom is such a good adventurer, even at this ripe old age. It's remarkable. Truly.

I hope to be able to blog the whole trip - 20 days in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary and Paris - right here, and post photos. We'll see how ambitious I am once I am sleep deprived and on the road. There's no telling.

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