Saturday, May 31, 2008

Close to done with the first draft

Well, here I am about two days before tying up the last bits and pieces of almost 100,000 words. If anyone had told me that I would be plowing through so much verbiage in the space of 8 months, I would have laughed heartily and then looked at myself in the mirror and said "are you nuts?" What artist in her right mind would want to write so much? Who would attempt this while teaching full-time, going through a heavy metal detox, parenting a 13 year old son, etc.? Someone who is really driven, I guess. But here I am sitting and writing a blog entry after dancing to Motown for a couple of hours, and writing at least 2000 words tonight. Hey, it's a full life, if nothing else.

There may be missiles poised to shoot up the whole damn planet a thousand times over, and there's many other crises that would make any sane person want to take meds, but, hey, somehow we have learned to compartmentalize the muck, and not look in too many painful directions at once. Wonder if that was always part of our DNA or evolution provided for this once we developed the technologies to wipe ourselves out in multiple ways.

Guess that's part of why we've created diaries online...we can share our growing insanity, or perhaps the remnants of our sanity as things get more chaotic.

BTW the new title of the book is Arts for Change: Teaching Outside the Frame. Seems kinda boring, but Recipes for Coping with the Increasingly Insane World doesn't really work either. Maybe this will be a good place to brainstorm. Ideas are welcome.

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