Thursday, June 12, 2008

Friends are beginning to die off

Michael Rossman, an extraordinary social activist, archivist, progressive educator, naturalist, and friend, died last month, and I had no time to note it anywhere, except for the emails send to him (two weeks before his death) and to his widow. I won't be able to attend his memorial because I'll be in Romania celebrating my mom's 90th birthday. I am sorry to miss all of the wonderful people who will be there to celebrate him.

Elliot Asinof was a kind man, with a wicked sense of humor. I met him when I was an artist resident at Blue Mountain Center back in the fall of 1983. He was one of the only people there who would talk to me (everyone else was holed up in their rooms duking it out with their muses). We played some hearty games of scrabble and chess by the fire while I listened to pieces of his remarkable life story.

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