Sunday, July 20, 2008

Too much Life for Blogging

I've had intentions to finish the travel blog, and to post lots of significant photos, mixed with some ruminations about authentic culture vs. tourist culture, etc. but this active life has got in the way of reflections. I'm not complaining, but intentions have gone by the wayside. Between diving back into my dream journal, touring the island's organic farms with lovely house guests, rereading my manuscript to begin the editing process, picking berries, endless laundry, dancing in the sunset across the valley from our house at a farewell party and painful, powerful films (The Secret Life of Words and Prime Suspect 6) about the long lingering effects of the Balkan Wars, there's not been time. When I am feeling gratitude for the return of my functional arms and the glory of these sunny days, I do not want to sit and muse at the computer for long - either on my own neurotic muck or the mess of the world.

Eventually I do want to write about privacy (and the lack of it - both chosen and otherwise), and diminishing freedoms (although the illusion remains that we have them). As the increasing decomposition of our social and economic order starts sliding more quickly past our collective noses, I want to be here to grasp it all, somehow. A record of it, from yet another lone voice, seems useful.

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