Sunday, July 20, 2008


I've realized that it is impossible for me to post photos of the Danube trip with chronological accuracy. It will take tooooo much time, and truthfully it's not that important to me. The above photo is from our first night in Bucharest - you can see that Bob, Ben (my nephew), and Sam are holding up well despite the lack of sleep and long plane rides. This was our first family dinner in the ballroom of the Palace Athene Hilton.

Below you can see my nephew Elliot, his mom, Jean, and my brother, Peter (Elliot's uncle) all sitting at the table on the boat (in the light of the sunset) celebrating my mom's 90th birthday.

The below photos of the grandsons were taken on the second to last night of the cruise in the Academy of Science in Budapest. Perhaps you can tell that the cousins had bonded.

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