Friday, July 25, 2008

Parisian Viewpoints

When I saw this view from our hotel window, I was pleased in an odd way. It was not the romantic view of the city I was hoping for, but there was something deeply resonant about it and honest. Just how many windows have I seen in various cities with similar piles of disorder on view? The person(s) who created that pile of papers was inadvertently saying "bonjour, ca va? I am a very busy person, with other priorities." I wondered if this was a storage space in a private apartment, or a back office of a business. Creating stories with just a few props seems to be one of my specialties, or perhaps I've just been out in the woods for so long that I am easily entertained.

Below was the view from the top of the Notre Dame (no one will get me to climb that spiral staircase ever again).

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