Sunday, August 03, 2008

Wolf Tracking in Idaho

According to the itinerary, Sam is sleeping somewhere under the stars 10 miles west of Bruce Meadows, Idaho with his wilderness awareness camp this evening.

I really enjoyed meeting his counselors and fellow campers yesterday at the drop off point east of Seattle, despite the early hour (we had to take a 6:30 am ferry to get there in time). I like the diversity of demeanors in the group, and was excited for Sam. Hopefully he will enjoy aspects of the adventure, despite the discomforts. I will be eager to hear his stories when he returns.

One of his counselors recommended going to Google Earth to find the location of the base camp, so I downloaded the program and had a blast looking at photos of the area that are embedded in the maps. I've never been to that part of Idaho (only drove through Coeur D'Alene briefly 5 years ago, when we moved out here. So seeing the remote landscape that Sam will be hiking through was really a kick. If you haven't got Google Earth yet, I definitely recommend downloading. It's free and can give you many moments of pleasure. You can mark and visit every place you've ever lived with this tool, and see how the neighborhood has changed (somewhat). I did notice that the resolution for different parts of the world varies enormously. I'm not sure what the factors are that contribute to this discrepancy.

I visited a few of the cities we traveled to in June-July, and looked at other people's photos of touristic sites. I did not find them compelling, but I was intrigued by the ability to post photos and visit places that I've never been to: places that are frightening (war zones in particular) and places that I'm attracted to.

Other software I highly recommend is With the latter, you can create your own radio stations with your favorite music. It is also free, and once you type in the music you like, it creates the playlist and runs continuously. I have had a blast with this, and now have stations devoted to Stanley Clarke, Allan Holdsworth, The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, Pancho Sanchez, Tito Puente, John Coltrane, Jaco Pastorius, Diane Reeves, Chumbawumba, David Byrne, Manu Chao, Dar Williams, Joni Mitchell, Lila Downs, Suzanne Vega, Ellen McIlwaine, Bonnie Raitt, Koko Taylor, Hot Tuna, Laura Nyro, Marvin Gaye, Pat Metheny, Stewart Copeland, Mississippi John Hurt, Muddy Waters, Miles Davis, Michael Franti, Steve Winwood and Michael Hedges. It won't be long before I have a list of 50 artists.

Listening to acoustic guitar and fusion, helped me make some headway with my book's introduction today. Bob says I'm beginning to polish up the writing. I am grateful for that feedback because otherwise I would probably never move past page 5. And I have to get through 334 pages by the end of the month. Back to work.

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