Thursday, July 17, 2008

Back in the Saddle

There's been more than the usual dose of chaos here, between my left arm/shoulder/neck deal (now almost fully functional thanks to the magic of alternative healers: Karen, Eli, Marina and Paula and partner Bob's kind attentions) unexpected guests and expected ones. I am finally unpacked and attacking unanswered emails, unpaid bills, and deadlines rushing towards me. But before I get too pulled into the rapids, I wanted to upload some of the choice photos of our trip before I can't remember where they were taken.

First here is the obscene monument to megalomania, "The Palace of the People." built by Ceaucescu (the last dictator of Romania). To read more about it go to:

This photo does not give you a proper sense of the enormous scale of the palace. What is deeply disturbing about it is the vast area of Bucharest city proper that was leveled to make this icon to greed and corruption. Vast sums of public funds were squandered building it, and it was never used.

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