Sunday, June 29, 2008

Budapest is Best

I was so excited when we sailed into Budapest this morning, that I was up at dawn to witness the entry into the city. It was splendid, more beautiful than I imagined. I was sad to leave the gentle feeling of floating on the Danube, but grateful to arrive in a city that is pulsing with energy, a complex history and tons of cultural activity. We left our boat this morning, and are now in the heart of beautiful Budapest.

Slowly I will start posting photos. Here is one from our first morning on the Danube Delta (6/22).

Tonight we are in a 5 star hotel, courtesy of the tour my mom arranged. It is very spacious after our tiny boat cabin, with high ceilings and an oversized bath tub. She is looking forward to getting back to her apartment, doing the laundry and reading her mail, AND, as she put it, NOT eating so much.

Gluttony seems to be the overriding impulse of these tours...I'll post some photos of the food soon...

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